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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business process with outcomes that optimize customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability by organizing around customer segmentation, fostering customer satisfying behaviors and implementing customer centric activities. Every time customers approach an office, they arrive with a set of expectations, which may be related to the existing services provided by the company or new needs. What happens next will determine their experience, which in turn will shape their future behavior. A good experience may increase their loyalty and tendency to deal with the insurance company again; while a poor experience may make them take their business to a competitor. The ability to recognize this phenomenon and actively manage it forms the basis of customer relationship management. The promise of customer relationship management is to build a customer-oriented strategy. CRM focuses on nurturing customer loyalty, thereby gaining market share, profitability and business growth. Several commercial CRM insurance packages are available which vary in their approach to CRM. However, as mentioned above, CRM is not just a technology, but rather a comprehensive customer-centric approach to an Organization’s philosophy in dealing with its customers. This includes policies and process, front-of-house customer service, employee training, marketing systems and information management. Hence it is important that any CRM implementation considerations stretch beyond technology, towards the broader organizational requirements.